Méndez Cecilia

Cecillia SW

Cecilia Méndez

Born in Los Angeles, but raised between the bohemian atmosphere of the island of Ibiza and the centre of Italian Renaissance, Florence.
Her mother an artist and her stepfather a photographer, Cecilia is brought up in a very creative environment which has a strong influence on her childhood and from a very early age shows an interest in drawing and painting making it clear that coloured pencils and crayons are not enough, and is encouraged by her mother to experiment with watercolours, temperas and acrylics.
High school years are spent in the UK where she receives her first formal drawing and painting classes.
After completing high school she moves to Los Angeles where she attends Otis College of art and design.
Her work is driven by personal experience and is autobiographical, the female figures are used as vehicles to express feelings and depict certain episodes of her life, many of these experiences and emotions universal, such as love, loss, lust, heartbreak etc.
She currently lives and works in Ibiza.

American International School of Florence, Italy
Michael Hall, Rudolf Steiner School, UK
Otis College of art and design, Los Angeles USA